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                  2.  Products
                    Duloxetine Hydrochloride
                    (S)-2-Aminobutanamide Hydrochloride
                    (S)-2-Aminobutyric acid
                     Contact Us
                    Add: Liao Road,Binhai Chemical Zone Of Changyi,Weifang City, Shandong
                    E-mail: sales@hishinepharm.com
                    About Us

                    Weifang Hishine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is situated in Binhai chemical park, Changyi city, Shandong, it is close to the Bohai Sea. It is a corporate enterprise specializing in the production of medium/high-grade pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs. The company positives respond to governments' policy orientation. Relying on strong technical force, the company mainly engages in the development of chiral intermediates and APIs focusing on bio-enzymatic catalysis. The company has established perfect quality control system for owning advanced inspection equipment, thus the quality of our products can be well ensured. Insisting on the criterion of 'quality first, credit first', we strive to provide all clients with the most excellent services, and strive to be trustworthy partner and friend.

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